3 Odd Summer

Branson, Brooke, and Calli

Siblings Branson, Brooke, and Calli make up the country music trio, 3 Odd Summer. They have been singing together since early childhood and music has been the thread that’s brought them closer together through the years. Singing and playing instruments at home with family, performing and entertaining for community events including fairs, carnivals, graduations, reunions, sporting events, weddings, talent shows and holding concerts in their home state of Idaho has inspired many far and wide! Their passion is music that turns the air country, helps the heart heal and makes the foot start tapping! An Economic collapse in 2009 brought change and hardship to their family as it left them homeless and looking for a new way of life. Their parents managed to gather enough money to surprise the kids with 2 guitars as Christmas gifts that year and it turns out learning to play those guitars instilled a love for music that would last forever. As the family traveled for the next several years working long days on oil spills, the kids learned to make beautiful harmonies together while watching after one another. Through their love of music, they hope you find yourself feeling alive and known.

2020 Shows


Our Venues, Dates, and Times

Due to COVID-19, we have postponed our 2020 shows until the air has cleared! We care about your safety as much as our own. We hope to see you soon! In the meantime, check out our social media pages and YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with us.